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Sept 29 - Oct 15

The Cat and

The Canary

by John Willard

Adapted to the stage by J. D. Mizikowski


The family of Ambrose West attends a reading of his will 20 years after his death.

His will designates that Annabelle is his sole heir if there is no indication that she suffers from insanity, or a new heir is chosen.


The family tries to unbalance Annabelle with tales of  lunatics, murders, and death.


All of the heirs are suspected, but not until the last minute is the extraordinary mystery solved.

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Sept 15 - Oct 1


The Brothers Size


Tarrel Alvin McCraney


In the Louisiana bayou, big bother Ogun Size is hardworking and steady. Younger brother Oshoosi is just out of prison and aimless. Elegba, Oshoosi’s old prison-mate, is a mysterious complication. A simple circle defines a world that begins in ritual and evolves into a tough and tender drama of what it means to brother and be brothered. Flights of poetry, music, dance, and West African mythology combine in a contemporary tale that explores the tenuousness of freedom and the need to belong somewhere, to something, to someone.

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Sept 15 - Oct 1


Beautiful: The Carole King Musical


BEAUTIFUL tells the inspiring true story of Carole King, from her early days as a Brooklyn teenager struggling to enter the record business to her years as a chart-topping music legend.


From being part of a hit songwriting team to one of the most successful solo acts in music history.

With over two dozen pop classics, including “You’ve Got a Friend”, “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”, “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”, “I Feel the Earth Move”, “The Locomotion”, “One Fine Day”, “So Far Away”, “Beautiful”, “It’s Too Late”, and more.

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Sept 23 - Nov 18


42nd Annual

A Canterbury Feast

Come Celebrate at the 42nd Annual

“A Canterbury Feast”,

the original Medieval Musical Comedy.




All NEW mystical and magical evening at the longest running dinner theatre in the U.S.A.

The Knaves & Wenches take you back to 1492 and not only perform, BUT also serve your meal! All “a la” no utensils.


Drink Hail at “The Feast”!  Featuring an all new show!


Ful​l Show Details and Tickets at


Sept 8 - Sept 17



A Musical about life's little annoyances.


Michael Malthaner &

Charles Corrotore

A hilarious new musical that pokes fun at those little things that make us
bummed, bugged,
burned, frazzled,
perturbed,rubbed the wrong way

...and just plain PEEVED!

Cell phones...blonde operators who don’t speak English...’s all fair game!!

Don’t get angry... don't get frustrated... don’t go on medication ...

Why not just laugh at it all?!?

Ful​l Show Details and Tickets at

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